Student Projects

I created these projects as part of my coursework at Fitchburg State University

Free Time

When a single young woman moves in across the street, 50-year-old busybody Dorothy Johnson takes it upon herself to monitor the unusual activity at her new neighbor's house.

This is officially my first short film. I wrote and directed Free Time for the Intermediate Film/Video Production class at Fitchburg State University in 2013.

Life Through a Lens

This film is my final project for the Cinematography class at Fitchburg State University. I spent five days shooting footage and then tried to find a way to edit the footage together to tell a story with some great music. Music credits: Zaz, Frank Sinatra, and Storm Large.

Memories of My Father: Robert Cormier

This film was a 4- to 6-minute nonfiction project for the Intro to Film class. I converted home movies and old interviews from VHS to use, along with interviews with Pete Cormier in Bob Cormier's office. I also included some photos obtained from the Fitchburg State University Library -- Robert Cormier Special Collection.

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